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Field Camera

Watson 4x5 field Camera




Wista 45 4x5 Field Camera #24S


Anba Ikeda 4 x 5 Lightweight Wooden Field Camera


Wista Field 45DX 4x5 field camera, Handcrafted in cherrywood.  Mint!


Chamonix 45N-1 4x5 Field Camera Body in Maple and Gray Finish +Wrap


Deardorff 5x7 Special Wooden Field Camera w/ 5x7 & 4x5 backs - Excellent, w/bag


Toyo 45CF 4x5 Field Camera +Beattie Intenscreen +Accessories


Toyo Field 4x5 Large Format Camera body


Beautiful Zone VI 4x5 Film Field Camera Kit - American Made in Vermont


Antique Large 10x12 Folding Studio Field Camera Only Body


5x7 back for Tachihara 4x5 Field Camera, very well made


Tachihara 4x5 Large Format Field Camera The best one on eBay... see for yourself


Burke and James 5X7 View Camera!!FLAT BED! with Extension bed and 2 lens boards


Graflex Speed Graphic 2x3 Field Camera w/101mm f4.5 Lens #091


Yashica Electro 35 G 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera with Field Case/Strap


Toyo 45CF 4X5 ultralight field camera w/ 150mm + 65mm lenses holders NEW BELLOWS


Zone VI 4x5 Large Format Field Camera Caltar II Copal II-N f5.6 135mm Two Lenses


Shen-Hao TZ45-IIC Black Walnut Wooden Field Folding 4X5 Large Format Camera


Ebony SV45Ti 4x5 Field Camera - rare & in excellent condition


Linhof field camera system- 6x9cm, 2x3 inch- Excellent with Accessories!




Toyo 45A Large Format 4x5 Field Camera with Copal 0 and Copal 1 Lens Boards


Seneca Competitor View 5X7 Field/View Camera


Burke and James 5X7 View Camera! and 6 lens boards see description


Canham 12X20 Ultra Large Format Wood/Aluminum Field Camera with Case


Wisner Technical field 11X14 camera + S&S film holder NEW BELLOWS


Linhof Technika V 4X5 field camera + 135mm + 90mm lenses + holders NEW BELLOWS


Toyo 45AIIL 4X5 field camera w/ 150mm+210mm lenses holders FRESNEL HOOD LOADED


4x5 Hard Case for MPP, Gandolfi, Graflex, Wista field camera


Wista 45RF 4X5 all metal field camera w/ 135mm + 180mm lenses and holders (VX)


Nagaoka Seisakusho 4x5 Field View Camera - Nice


Nagaoka 4X5 ultralight field camera 150mm + 210mm Rodenstock MC lenses + holders


Wista 45SP 4X5 all metal field camera with 120mm + 180mm MC lenses +holders +box


Zone VI 4x5" field view camera dream kit - everything you need to start shooting


Osaka Japan Wood Wooden 4x5 Field Camera #363


Nagaoka 4X5 ultralight field camera w/ APO SYMMAR 150mm + 75m lenses + holders